14 december 2014


In the 3rd round of '3 budget friendly Christmas decors' we talk a little about Christmas ornaments. When I was about 17 years old I used to collect these kind of coasters you find in pub's. After a couple of months I had over 60 of them (!) and decided to threw them away... But when I was cleaning up the bedroom last week I found some of them in an old bag with stuff from my old room and I decided to turn them into Christmas ornaments.
In this picture you actually see a couple of Christmas/winter decorations I made: the coaster ornaments, a crochet star and the owl painting. Oh and our Christmas branch! The fun thing is: youcan use all kind of materials and totally create your own style. This year we have a lot of black and white and I like that pop ofcoloro the tea lights.

Have fun making your own! xo Marjolein

13 december 2014


Welcome to the second edition of  '3 budget friendly Christmas decors'. In this round I will show you a fall decor recycle project. I bought these pumpkins this fall an originally they were plastic and orange. But when I saw this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess I thought this would be cute for Christmas and winter! 
At first I painted them white with acrylic paint. I applied about 3 coats and when the lastcoat still was wet, I just sprankled the golden glitter on it. It's that simple!

If you like this idea, have fun turning your old pumpkins into new ones! (and of course they will be cute for next fall and Halloween too). xo Marjolein

12 december 2014


Welcome to the first edition of this '3 budget friendly Christmas decors' roundup. In this round I will show you 3 easy and quick ways to make low budget Christmas decors, suitable on each style of Christmas decorations. In this edition I will show you how to make these cute tea lights. 
How about to paint the holders of tea lights? With paint or like I did, with nail polish... It looks cute, colorful and shiny with the glitter nail polish! It requires 2 coats and it's important to let each coat dry before painting it over or use it.