August 28, 2014

ART | Brown paper owl

Here's a drawing of another owl I drew; this time on a brown paper of paper bag.
Click on 'read more' for more detailed pictures. 

August 26, 2014

ART | Chalkboard owl

Well, this isn't chalkboard paint actually. I'll tell you what I did: I just painted the canvas black with acryllic paint and then drew an owl on it with chalk. That's all! Easy, cheap and fun.

P.S.: I'm working on a gallery wall in our living room. We just changed the interior a little and now the walls need to be filled ;)

August 25, 2014

CROCHET | iPhone cozy

Today I have this really easy crochet project for you! An iPhone cozy. You can also use this pattern for other type of phones, your tablet, laptop or whatever you like. Make it one-colour, two-colour or multicolour, striped, chevron or even with little polkadots or piece of fabric. It's totally up to you.

Note: this tutorial is based on the iPhone 4.

For this project you will need:
- yarn
- crochet hook 3 mm
- scissors

Pattern: chain 10 // ch 1, *sk 1, 1 sc in each s, on the end of the row ch 1 and turn* until you have a piece that fits on the front and the back of your phone. When completed add a row of 1 sc in each s all around, on the end join in the first s and fasten off. Fold the sides together and crochet the sides together. Turn inside out.

Decorate: make 2 little pompoms on a crochet chain, put them on the top of your cozy so the it will close. You can also add a button and a loop to close, or if your coze is tight enough leave it open.

Have fun making your cozy!

August 23, 2014

KNITTING | Baby slippers

Materials used: purple acryllic yarn, Saskia Wibra, 0,99 p. 100 gram, button, pattern:  here